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Courses for children

Courses for children and teenagers. Games, stories, arts and crafts. Have fun, learning or just improving the language.

Living Kids is a specific programme for children aged 3-11.
Junior English courses are taught by professional and motivated teachers who always communicate with children in English, but in a simple and natural way.
Courses focus on games, storytelling and various activities.
The fundamental reason for this type of teaching is to introduce a new language in a familiar environment, which is generally the most appropriate and fertile ground for language development.
In some cases, the topic is provided by situations encountered in everyday experience, in others it is presented as a fairy tale. In this way, language learning becomes part of well-formed schemes, so that the danger of overwork and consequent frustration of learners can be easily reduced.
Since very young children do not segment information, language tools cannot be taught if they are isolated. In other words, they need to be contextualised in stories and related activities.
The topic of each lesson is taken directly from the learners’ world: family, nature, school, leisure, etc. Each topic is linked to several 'portions of language' that form the target language of the lesson, a series of words and structures that are first taught and then used, repeated and then moved in a context other than the initial one. The diversification of activities to experience the same portions of language (songs, role play games) avoids boredom of repetition and facilitates learning.
Each lesson is accompanied by a natural learning tool that is classroom language , i.e. the whole vocabulary and instructions that the teacher uses during the lesson.

types of courses

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  • Courses for children
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