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Business English

Livingbusiness english for business is a specific English course for business English. It aims to develop effective communication in the field of economy, finance and business matching requirements of international companies as well. The courses of Living Language Institute are divided in three groups: the first is devoted to the acquisition and further development of skills of general Business English; the second group aims to prepare students wanting to sit Business English exams of Cambridge University; the third group focuses on specific aspects of the working field. In order to attend a business course, students must have - as a minimum - good knowledge of basic English. Living Language has, however, worked out over the years specific courses in which the process of learning basic English unfolds through topics of business English.After an entrance test, students will be able to decide with the assistance of a teacher which group best fits their personal needs.

  • Description of a company
  • Discussing about a or a start-up company
  • Showing up at job interviews and drawing up reports
  • Business websites
  • Recording minutes
  • Highlighting advantages and disadvantages
  • Background and structure of a company
  • Making phone calls, taking and leaving messages
  • Index description and market trends
  • Description of products and characteristics
  • Descrivere indici e tendenze
  • Descrivere un prodotto e il suo sviluppo
  • Prepare for a conference and run it. Banking
  • Hiring personnel
  • Human resources and front office tasks
  • Estates and premises
  • Outcomes and performances. Description of cause and effect
  • Health and job safety
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Business trips and conferences
  • Marketing and advertisement
  • Staff testing
  • Company organisation
  • Merging and acquisitions
  • Trade fairs
  • Business ethics. Finding and providing international resources.

Simulation and practice of theoretical aspects will take place as topics unfold.

Legal English

legal englishLaw language lives its own life almost parallel to that of everyday language. It is very specific and its accurate use is absolutely necessary for everyone who desires to understand laws perfectly and express correctly what one maintains. Legal English course which Living runs aims to acquire and become familiar with English law language. It is suitable for lawyers, solicitors, notaries, magistrates, company lawyers, as well as Law or Political Science students. It is fundamental that possible students of Law English course already have very good English mastery. The course offers scientific preparation for sitting ILEC (International Legal English Certificate), which is the only certification released by the Cambridge University and recognised internationally by institutes, professional orders, associations and government bodies.

  • The practice of law
  • Company law: company formation and management
  • Company law: capitalisation
  • Company law: fundamental changes in a company
  • Contracts: formation
  • Contracts: remedies
  • Contracts: third party rights and assignment
  • Employment law
  • Sale of goods
  • Real property law
  • Intellectual property
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Secured transactions
  • Debtor-creditor

Special attention is devoted to contracts: Fundamental aspects of international contract laws (supply, turn key, agency, licence agreements; shareholders agreements, joint-venture, partnership agreements, mergers and acquisitions agreements) along with specific terminology will be taught and in-depth explored.

Medical English

medical englishMedical English is yet another specific course run by Living Language Institute. It is suitable for learners who work or study Medicine or Bio-Medicine. This English course for doctors, medics and practitioners gives the possibility to study and practise vocabulary and expressions used in healthcare facilities, workshops and conferences. During the course visuals and elaborate recordings are used in order to keep students interested over the lessons. The course also involves a lot of exercises and interacting. The main activities are:
  • dialogues between doctors and patients; between doctors and nurses, between professors and students;
  • writing exercises commenting on photographs, X-rays, diagrams, graphics and biomedical analyses;
  • Reading of essays and articiles published in specialised journals.

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