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didatticaTeachers at Living challenge, inspire, direct and teach their students to aim high for their future.

Encouraging commitment and regular studying sessions, the teachers urge their students into picking up challenges; different strategies are implemented to motivate different learners. They promote conditions in which students become aware of their wishes, duties and objectives.

Prior to teaching, teachers plan each lesson’s content and set clear short- and long-time objectives.

Educators at Living use a wide range of strategies and teaching methods in order to keep students interested and involved, such as role-play, student-led conversation, interactive learning attitude, etc.

Attention and care is devoted to students with special needs

types of courses

  • Courses for two
    Courses for two For those who enjoy doing things together, it is possible to attend…
  • Courses for children
    Courses for children Courses for children and teenagers. Games, stories, arts and crafts. Have fun,…
  • Courses for Companies
    Courses for Companies Specific courses for companies at our premises or theirs. Courses to learn…
  • Group courses
    Group courses Living Language Institute organises small group classes (4-10 students) and courses for…
  • One-to-one courses
    One-to-one courses You can choose days and times (from Monday to Friday, from 9.00…