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metodoBased on communicative approach, syncretic communicative method that Living has long adopted harmonises parallel activities already tried out by other more traditional methods. They all live up to group and individual needs in disparate contexts and succeed in achieving goals.
Such method emphasises the capability of conveying messages without neglecting the content. Rather than focusing on grammar perfection and phonetics, students are encouraged to develop, broaden and enhance their communicative abilities and promptness to interact.
Besides focusing on communication, the syncretic communicative method gives leeway to teachers to strengthen their students’ main four linguistic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking); practise grammar and syntax knowledge and study on their own as well.
All courses are divided into groups in order to provide homogeneous studentship. All classes are taught in English to facilitate a more intensive contact of students with the language and structured in order to ensure constant and deep concentration, essential to understanding grammar tips, listening and video features for oral tests, reading short and medium texts, phonetics, pronunciation, exercises, etc.

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